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Welcome To MyLab

MyLab Inc is full service reference laboratory in United States offering testing in numerous specialties and subspecialties which contributes to exceptional patient care by providing comprehensive, great quality laboratory testing and patient-focused expert consultation. This mission is supported by

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Welcome To MyLab

Mylab Inc: Mission, Vision and Values

Mylab Inc contributes to exceptional patient care by providing comprehensive, great quality laboratory testing and patient-focused expert consultation. This mission is supported by advance technologies, exceptional customer service, continuous quality improvement and education.

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Mylab Inc: Mission, Vision and Values

Message of Top Authorities

CEO's Message

Welcome to the MyLab web site. We are proud to represent a state-of-the art diagnostic center with a common mission:
To care for patients and serve their need!
Individual people with unique concerns and needs will come to us. We understand that, as a healthcare provider, the laboratory diagnosis we produce is crucial for the lives of the patients and critical for treatment. At the same time, success in the business relies on ensuring highest echelon of patient care. Patients’ reliance and comfort are what we strive for. Our fully accredited and licensed mobile phlebotomist team and ambidextrous medical staffs and technicians will ensure the earliest blood collection, sample preparation and the modern equipment with integrated LIS will ascertain rapid, flawless test results. Lowest waiting time with bull’s eye hitting diagnosis are our absolute commitment.
We are trying to be a participating provider for every health plan ensuring the best services with minimum cost to release the stress both on the patients’ health as well as on their credit card ! Our goal is to reduce the burden on our patients in Michigan, greater Detroit area as well as lessen the cost for national health care as a whole.
As Michigan calling the urgency for a clinical diagnosis revolution, ushering in a trend of novel healthcare services and products, Mylab has defined its place as a promising choice for those who bring value to our proud Wolverine State!

Syed Ahsan Habib
CEO, Mylab. Inc

Message from the Director

With the inception of Mylab , passion for our work and commitment to our patients’ wellbeing is now real! Our current corporate responsibility progress constitutes steps along a journey, accelerated by our unwavering commitment to expand access to diagnostic healthcare, employ a skilled workforce that values collaboration and operate with the highest standards of integrity. By staying focused on the latest developments in this fast changing field on technological innovations and responsible business practices, we expect to continue making strides, by periodically upgrading and modernizing the tests and the lab. We are sincerely concerned that the key to the holistic medical treatment is the proper diagnosis which undoubtedly depends on how precise and accurate are test results provided by the diagnostic lab. This is a huge challenge and we have embraced it with full conviction.
Mylab welcomes you to join us on this path toward a healthier future!

With my best regards,
Md Masum Miah
Director, Mylab. Inc

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Our Unique Features

Latest Diagnostic Instruments
Latest Diagnostic Instruments

We believe in accuracy and precision in regards of all test results. To achieve this we ensured using all the latest modeled instruments in Mylab Inc.

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Why Choose MyLab Inc

MyLab is a full service referrance laboratory at Detroit offering testing in numerous specialities.

MyLab performs testing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within 100 miles radious of Detorit.

MyLab is the only lab who provides the stat test result within 3 hours.

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